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Strengthness Tests


Cornering Fatigue Testing

The fatigue test facilitates allow testing of operational stability of disc wheels according to the regulations for testing of motor vehicle wheels. The bending moment will be applied by a rod situated in the middle of the machine. This rod is turned by a rotating mass out of balance. Connected with an online computer system the testing documentation is saved automatically in the network.


Impact Testing

The Impact Tester is qualified to carry out impact tests according to ISO 7141. Weights will be dropped from a defined height onto the wheel to be tested. Test criteria is the loss of pressure of the tyre in a defined time and cracks at parts of the wheel respectively which have no direct contact to the falling weights.


Rolling Test

The rolling test machine is used for fatigue resistance tests of wheels with mounted tyres of light-trucks, trucks, passenger cars and motorbikes with disc wheels. The test machine is designed in a way which makes it possible to carry out tests according to ISO standards as well as specific company standards. The whole test rig is constructed on a modular basis and consists of the drum module as well as one measuring device module for passenger cars/motor bikes and light-trucks/trucks.